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Pre K3 - 5th Grade Enrichment

Students will receive a badge for each new food they try as part of our taster pin advancement program.

Culinary Kids: Our Programs

Pre K3- Pre K4

Designed for the little ones, these classes are meant to introduce your child to new foods, flavors and textures in a fun educational manner. It helps overcome the dreaded “I don’t like that” phase.

Eating Breakfast

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Designed to introduce your child to math, science, patience, and following instructions. These classes will help develop math skills through cooking measurements. Students learn that following directions and having patience yields a successful outcome.

Picnic After Camping

3rd - 5th Grade

These classes are designed to help your child achieve success. We reinforce math skills by adjusting recipes and having the class complete the math. We dive deeper into science through nutrition and chemical compounds, how ingredients and aromas send messages to the brain. We also provide history on the food and culture that we are discussing in class each day.

Culinary Kids Pricing

PreK - 5th Grade

Starting at $55

Prices may vary based on customized program at each school. Students will receive a badge for each new food they try as part of our taster pin advancement program.

Culinary Kids: Price List
Eating Watermelon
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School Meeting Request

Everything we do is customized to meet the needs of your student body. We meet with you, determine the needs of the school and available facilities, and build a custom program to encourage healthy eating habits and life skills. To schedule a meeting, please sill out this form and we will contact you within 24 hours to set up our first meeting.

Thanks for submitting!

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